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Capturing the beauty in every animal...

Of course, some pets may not be considered to be traditionally or classically beautiful (perhaps like my beloved boy Senor Beans, pictured with me here) but I believe, just like people, inner beauty and personality give every animal outer beauty. My husband and I think Beans is the most handsome dog in the world!

My aim as both a photographer and an animal lover is to capture your pet at its most beautiful and present you with images that truly represent who your pet is. An animal is never more beautiful than when it is doing things he or she loves, whether that may be chasing a ball, swimming at the beach, lazing under a tree or simply snuggling in your arms.

Big, small, young, old, obedient or feisty, when our pets are delighting in what they are doing, they delight us. Pet Clix Animal Photography guarantees you will receive standout images which capture the beauty, personality and individuality of your beloved pet or I re-shoot for free!

Allow me to capture these moments for you you'll be overjoyed you did!

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