Animal and Pet Photography by Bronwyn Liebke


Below are testimonials from just a few of Pet Clix's many happy customers:

You have done such a great job from start to finish, so thank you for all you time and hard work. You did an amazing job -- Vanessa and Lucy
... the photographs arrived safe and sound today and they look GREAT! -- Kym, Kelsy & Brinkley
This is the most beautiful photo of our cat Lexie. He is normally quite a nervous cat but you were able to bring out the best in him through gentle coaxing.He obviously trusted you implicitly as by the end of your session he was even posing! -- Amanda, Jess and Lexie
Thank you for doing such a fantastic job – the photos of Austin really show his character – chasing the ball, chasing the dogs in the park, and then worn out relaxing in the sun. You really got to know him and the photos show it. I had so much fun as well and would definitely recommend you and your services to anybody who loves their dog as much as I do!! -- Brendon and Austin
I was so excited to get the photos of our cat Shadow – they really are great. I wasn’t sure how you’d make it all happen – he normally wouldn’t cooperate with something like that - but he loved the attention - you really have captured his personality. Well done and thank you again. -- Jon Paul and Shadow
What can I say? You've really blown me away!! I came to you wanting you to capture lasting memories of my most beloved friend, Mary. And I got that & more. What you have captured from behind your lenses has moved me to tears. I am so glad to have chosen you Bronwyn! -- Rene and Mary
Wow what a fantastic collection... you have really captured my boys Duke & Oscar. I really am impressed with the finished product -- Pippa, Duke & Oscar